Sunday, May 8, 2011

7 May, 2011 I went dirt bike riding for the first time in many years. Dave Flach organized a trail ride on his and adjacent property in Coeymans Hollow, N.Y., near Albany. About 60 riders showed up to ride a 15-16mi loop in the woods on everything from a '69 T100 Triumph to the latest Honda and KTM 450s, with probably about 2/3s on vintage bikes. Dave generously loaned me a mid '70's Ossa SuperPioneer 250. He also offered me a modern KTM, but I chose the Ossa as I had owned a '71 Pioneer back in my youth. There was another fellow on a borrowed '71 Pioneer and he, like me, hadn't been on an Ossa in at least 30 years. He said it wasn't like he remembered it. Flach's Ossa was much better than I remembered mine. I've done a smattering of motocross, trials, and hare scrambles over the years but, to me, the most fun one can have on a dirt bike is a trail ride through the woods with some friends. Someone commented that a 50 year old guy on a 30 year old bike equals 80 years of fun. In my case, it was pushing 100 years of fun. After the ride, Larry Speifogel put on a feed bag of burgers and sausages. A near perfect day, especially considering that, against all odds, I managed to avoid hurting myself prior of the great IOM Indian adventure.

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