Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm way behind on the blog as it's been a frenzy of racing lately and I'm trying to strike the right balance of creating the glory to reporting the glory.
First up was the MotoGP at Indy. My friend Kenny Cummings ( came with me in my van. He was involved in the Gary Nixon tribute at Indy in that he prepared the Rob North Triumph triple, which Gary had raced, and which Steve Parish rode at Indy. Apparently it was Nicky Hayden's idea, but Dorna/Ducati wouldn't let him ride the Triumph. So, Springsteen was going to ride it until the Indy mile was canceled and he decided not to come. Ultimately, Steve Parish rode the bike, which was totally appropriate. You can see a video of Parish revving the piss out of it here:
I brought my daily beater, a '90 VTR 250 Honda in the van and we left the van at the motel in Fishers and commuted to the track on the bike.
The GP races were fairly processional, other than Bradl's charge from the back of the Moto 2 grid (22nd) to 6th, but the two XR1200 races were excellent. When privateer Tyler O'Hara won the Sat. race, he took a victory lap which must have been cut short. We saw him running back into the paddock from the infield and he had no idea when to find victory circle. It seemed like he hadn't done a lot of winning at that level. He certainly was chuffed.

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