Friday, October 28, 2011

Bill Burke sent me a couple of photos from the archives. I think the second one dates the first. I'm saying March '85 at Daytona. Back then the vintage races were on Wed., Amateur day. I won the F-750 race on Team Obsolete BSA Triple, but in the 500 Premiere race, riding a Matchless G-50, I tangled with someone and ran off the track coming to a complete stop, but not tipping over, before I could get going again. Kurt Liebman won on the OLS (Oscar Liebman Special) BMW. Roger Reiman crashed his KR 750 H-D in practice and broke his wrist.
Thurs. morning, I went out for BOTT practice on a TT-1 Ducati and promptly crashed on cold tires in the Dogleg, breaking a metatarsal in my left foot. After much negotiations, Dr. Dave Kieffer, also racing a Ducati in BOTT, wrote a medical release for Reiman and myself. My memory is that in the race Fri., Reiman finished 5th on an XR1000, Kiefer was 6th and I was 7th, Reiman and I bracketing our othopod.

So, I think this photo is on 6 March, '85 and, if I had to guess, the fellow I'm talking to is John Ulrich. That's definitely Linda Swanson looking on and Antonio Ricciardi in the H-D tee shirt.
When I see a photo of myself like this, I think "Dude, lighten up. It's just a game."

Here I am the next day talking to Paul Miles after leaving the medical center.
The price of glory.


  1. Dave:
    You need to spring for a set of adjustable crutches set to the correct length!!

    Jim A., Tucson, AZ

  2. This is a test. This is only a test.

  3. Dave: Bill Burkes photographs are compelling. Thanks for your enriching narrative w/event, date/venue and particulars. Great stuff! h

  4. Dave: Bill Burke's photographs are compelling. Thanks for them and your enriching narrative w/ date/event/venue and particulars. Great stuff. h

  5. Dave, Looking at the photo of you, and not having known you in those days, you looked a little scary!