Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 November, 2011
I rode out to the Amagansett on the east end of Long Island for a benefit for a friend, Bob Curtis, who was paralyzed when he fell in an AHRMA cross county race in May. He's in a tough situation and if any one is interested in helping they should go to:
I stayed over with my friend Gordon and today we made the rounds to several motorcycle buddies. We ended up at Randy Hoffman's shop. Randy is a cabinet maker and m/c racer/collector/nut. He had just returned with his latest purchase: a '49 Velocette KTT motor in a Featherbed Norton chassis. It's a very good looking bike with many interesting pieces on it. It has an Amal RN carb, which is a new one to me. The 'RN' stands for remote needle, but it's different from a 'GP' in that the needle is entirely outside the slide. Apparently it was a transitional model between the 'TT' and 'GP' and not many were made. The bike seems to have been built in Australia, but not much is known of it's former life. It wasn't built with these wheels (230 Gimeca 4LS and Commando) and they do look out of place and will no doubt get replaced.
Randy has a love of the one off hybrid classic Brit bike racer. Also in his shop was a Norvin single which he's building

He recently finished a showroom/display area with examples of his woodworking and his motorcycle sickness.

A Rickman triple in front of the window and a '49 Norton International on a faux shipping crate Randy made.
Back in the shop was a truly classic 'barn find'. Someone told him they had an old motorcyle in their basement; they thought it was an Indian or something. He went to look at it expecting to fine an old Honda or something. What he found was this:

A '32 H.D. model 'C' 500cc sidevalve that had been left a good 40 years. Check out the grip and rear tire:

Also, in the shop was a long stroke Manx

and a '36 MSS Velocette

If you're out on the east end of Long Island, give a visit to The Machine Shop, 460 Pantigo Rd., Easthampton, (631)537-6152 and check out the bikes and furniture. But, don't schedule your visit for the end of August because Randy will be on the Isle of Man marshaling for the Manx Grand Prix.


  1. Looks like some great machines your pal has there. I really like the Vincent single and Harley flathead.

  2. I love the IOM footage. The mountain course is cruel.When I went up it, you could see bikes that had died.Riders had to wait hours for pick up.
    Clear on one side,raining on the other, got sleeted on!

  3. Thanks for the info and great photos. Woodworking and motorcycle sickness??? Id say two great passions!! Beautiful stuff all around. The pottery too!