Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seal Cove Auto Museum I drove up to Bar Harbor, Me. to visit a dear old friend and one of the things we did over the long weekend was go to the Seal Cove Auto Museum.  In addition to having many fine brass era car, it has a reasonable collection of early motorcycles and bicycles.  There were at least four Indians including a 1903 Camelback. There were two Pierces, a four and a single, from 1911 & '12.

They also had an FN four, always an interesting comparison to the Pierce.  One I had never heard of was a Thomas, built in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1901. 
There was a very interesting 1913 Thor, that has a rotary intake valve, something I hadn't realized engineers had played with until much later. 
The 1911 Flying Merkel V-twin had a very impressive brass fuel tank.
There was also a 1911 Pope, built in Hartford, Ct.
 Probably the most impressive car was the 1913 Peugeot which had been restored in the early '60s.
Check out the many trumpeted bulb horn.

 All photos by Phyllis Aschenbrenner.

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