Sunday, January 27, 2013

Several people have asked me about the video of me doing a lap around the Isle of Man Mountain Course on a G-50 Matchless that used to be available on this website and on Youtube, but is no longer. Someone must have felt there was a copyright problem and it disappeared one day.  The video, Classic Racer Experience, is available as a DVD from Duke Video:

I just stumbled across a video of Ari Henning and me having a dice at Virginia Int'l Raceway (south circuit) 8 or 9 August, 2009, on Motorcyclist Magazine's website:
Ari was riding Buff Harsh's CB350 Honda and I was riding my ERTT H-D Sprint.  Buff set up a camera looking forward from Ari's bike and one looking back from my bike.  Buff did a superb job of editing and included neat features like the split screen.  Buff's a pro.  If the truth be known, I think Ari was taking it easy on this old man, as he had a fair amount more power than me, though I did have brakes on him.  Anyway, we had good fun and the video is entertaining.
I've been asked about the red leathers I was wearing.  That was the time I got to the track, registered, teched, then realize I hadn't brought any of my riding gear: leathers, helmet, boots, gloves, back protector.  I was able to borrow all that stuff from various people.  The leathers came from Barbara Conners.  I had a choice of too big (from someone else) and too small from Barbara.  They were like a small town hotel: no ballroom.  Later in the day, I slapped down my 250 and tore up the leathers a bit.  They were her 'B' set, Dainese off the rack, and she wouldn't take any compensation for repair.  Luckily, I didn't touch the helmet I had borrowed from Mark Mitchell.  Denny Poneleit  left before I could return his gloves and boots.  I did return them months later at another race.

And, you can find a link to 2+ laps I did at the I.O.M. in practice for the Junior Classic Manx G.P. in Aug. 1983, by scrolling down in the Video section on this website.


  1. HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing a copy of Classic Racer Experience for any video library! It is a blast to watch over and over, the commentary and video quality are outstanding.
    T and D

  2. Glad to know where to find Classic Racer Experience - a great film.