Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here are a few more photos from Mid-Ohio all taken by David Stanoszek/M5 racing and courtesy of the AMA.
In the garage with my arch nemeses: from my left Stu Carter, Francis Ganance, and Jason Roberts
With my 1970 350 ERTT H-D Sprint

"It was nothing"
On the AJS 7R3 that won the '54 Junior TT
On the Dondolino in what I think is turn#6

I'm thinking this is the last turn onto the front straight
On the GP350 podium with Stu  Carter and Jason Roberts

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  1. What excellent pictures of you David! New fan club shirts perhaps. The "It was nothing" caption still has me laughing as well. Sorry we had to miss Mid-Ohio and all the action of our favorite racer, so thanks, Keep on Blogging!!!!