Friday, October 25, 2013

Correction:  At the AHRMA Barber race I saw Len Fitch, the owner of the bikes I raced at St. Eustache Sept. 7&8.  He informed me that the bike I raced in Sunday's final Vintage GP was a TZ 350D, not a 250 as I thought he had told me.  This makes more sense, as I wonder why an older TZ 250 would have motor on a later RS 250 Honda.  I will now edit the St. Eustache report.
Barber (and Daytona report to come).

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  1. "It's just a Really Good running 250".
    The younger J.Wood wanted to sell me a pre-owned MX bike a while back.
    During testing it had some "driveablity" issues, so I just said "lets swap bikes" to let him sort it out, while I did laps on his Honda CRF250.
    Only later did I realize it was a 450 (hey, they look the same too me). -- It seemed pretty crisp - LOL