Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My friend Stu Carter just sent me a link to a video of the 2008 Moto Giro America which took place in Central California, starting and ending in Monterey and based three days in Paso Robles.  Seeing the video brought back lots of good memories, as it was a fabulous event.  There was a great bunch of riders on some superb bikes and excellent roads, route sheets, accommodations and food.  The USCRA Moto Giro crew did the timing and scoring.  I initially roomed with Frank Scurria, a legendary racer from the '60s.  He had a very serious accident on the second day and was airlifted out, but has since recovered completlely.  Unfortunately, the event was a money loser and so never happened again.


  1. My friend Chris Sidah and I drove support for the event, and the attrition rate was remarkably low. Got some good footage and plenty of nice stills from various shooters.
    Plan to expand the piece by a few minutes, fix the audio and so forth. The narration is ad lib; that's Barry Porter, not Barry Gordon. Or Barry Gordy, or Flash Gordon.
    Happy New Year. Tod Rafferty traff@charter.net

  2. Thanks for posting Dave.
    Have a healthy 2014.
    My regards, Bill.