Sunday, August 3, 2014

All the gear, all the time

5 weeks ago, I was riding my Honda CBR 250R home from Brooklyn when, about 1/3mi. from my house, a car pull out from the curb directly into a U-turn in front of me.  I tried turning left, hoping they'd see me and stop and I could sneak around the front of them.  No such luck and I T-boned the car behind the left front wheel/driver's door area.  I'm a little fuzzy about my trajectory, but I ended up on the road with my neck and left thigh hurting.  An ambulance was there shortly and, after my helmet was removed and my one piece Aerostich Roadcrafter was cut off me, a neck collar was put on and I was put on a back board and taken to the emergency room of the local hospital.  A CAT scan showed a 'non-displaced fracture' of C-4 vertebrae.  I take this to mean a crack, as I had no neurological symptoms whatsoever.  The contusion and hematoma on my thigh was the main problem and, while that's much better, my knee continues to bother me.  It always could be worse and I'm glad I was wearing all the gear that I was, including boots, gloves and back protector.  I spent a day in the hospital and was fitted with a more comfortable neck brace/collar which, hopefully, I'll get rid of next Tues. when I see the neurosurgeon again.  He convinced me that it wouldn't be prudent to ride again for 6 weeks.
So, I went to the AHRMA race at New Jersey M/S Park on 12-13 July, but didn't race.  What I did do is covered in this posting on Larry Lawernce's website, The Rider Files.  Larry is a long time Motojournalist and writes the 'Archives' column in Cycle News along with much of their race coverage.  Larry had done a few pieces on abandoned race tracks, so I sent him my report on Vineland, which he posted recently:
Check out Larry's other abandon track articles:


  1. Get well soon, sir. I feel less silly now wearing my bright red Roadcrafter. Take care.

  2. Mine was red, too. I may go for the HiViz yellow next time.
    Don't feel silly, but I guess, don't feel smug either.

  3. Aye Dave,
    Wish you a speedy recovery and hope that all will be well for the ClassicTT. Go canny.
    My regards, Bill.

  4. I got the OK today to not wear the collar anymore and resume normal activity. My knee is still bothering me a bit, but I'm sure it won't get in the way of riding at Jurby and the Lap of Honour. The G-50 has been shipped.

    1. Pleased to read that you are mending and will be at Jurby etc. Hope to be there as well, after a night crossing on the 'Steam Racket'! Good health.
      My regards, Bill

  5. Good to see you are on the mend David, Patrick Pons