Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 race record

For 2014, I competed in 13 different events, missing two events due to my late June street bike accident.  The 13 events were at 13 different venues, two of which I hadn't been to before: Phillip Island and the New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning Circuit, and it had been almost 12 years since I had been to Shannonville.  I entered 54 races and started 50 of them, all of the non starts being mechanical issues from as minor as a wire pulled off the coil to as major as a dropped valve.  I did this on 18 different bikes belonging to 15 different people, the most I've ever raced in one season.  I got 22 wins, 6ea 2nds, 13ea 3rds, and 1ea. 4th, 5th , and 6th.  I had 6 DNFs, three of which were crashes plus one practice crash.  This is a little more than average, but fortunately, none of them stopped me from racing the same day.  In addition to this, I did the Lap of Honor parade at the Isle of Man, a Tiddler Tour, a Moto Giro, and a Pewter Run.  Another busy, successful year (with a little bump in the road in the middle).


  1. Dave,
    Congratulations on a very successful season!
    Certainly as wide a variety of venues as one could possibly imagine. Is there one event or a memory from the season that stands out for you?

  2. Do I have to choose just one?
    Racing at Phillip Island was very memorable. It's a superb circuit, there was a great variety
    of machinery, and I has some close finishes.
    At Roebling Road, I had great dice with Paul Germain when I was riding Don Hollingsworth's CRTT. We were both suffering from terrible chatter, went back and forth, and I got lucky with the perfect timing of the draft pass and just pipped him at the line.
    The Bungay/Engellener 350 Sprint is the perfect weapon for Sears Point. Again, I won all six races that I entered on it and the only bike to pass me in a race was Dave Crussell's TZ 750.
    The Isle of Man is always special and I had great fun doing the Lap of Honour on the Team Obsolete G-50 Matchless that we won the TT with thirty years earlier.
    And then Barber, where I started 35th on the grid in the tenth row of the 200GP and was in the lead at the end of the first lap. Then the next day, winning the 350GP race on Gary McCaw's Ducati after only having ridden it for one 'scrub' lap before the start of the race.