Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TC 200

When I post from my IPad, when I'm on the road, I can't seem to upload photos.  They just show up as little squares with a question mark.  But, from my laptop, it works.  So, here are some missing photos from my last post.
Photo by Amy Roper with brother Doug looking on.
Photo by Amy Roper


  1. Hi, Dave.
    I've been following your adventures via this method and was intrested to see the pictures from Gratton. I got a call from Steve during the event and updates to how it was going with Don's bike.
    The same problem with the red X's in place of pictures is what I see from Gratton.You might want to refresh them.
    Best of luck in the coming year !

  2. Kenny, your very whim is my command. I've updated the Grattan report with photos. I hope to see you at the track in '15