Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016 race record

In 2016, I raced at 10 different events at 10 different tracks, one of which I had never been to before.  This is the least number of events that I've done in at least 15 years.  I entered 35 races and started 32 of them.  I had 5 DNFs.  I had two crashes, both in practice and neither of which stopped me from racing later in the day.  This is a little less than my average number of crashes.  I raced 6 different bikes belonging to 5 different people.  I had 9  firsts, 12 seconds, 4  thirds, 1 fourth, 2 fifths, and 1 sixth.  Despite running many less events and having a lot of mechanical gremlins, I won the AHRMA 350GP Championship yet again.  This concludes my 45th year of racing without missing a year.
I also did the Lap of Honour at the IOM Classic TT, 4 Tiddler Tours, and one Moto Giro.

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  1. 45 years?! Man that's impressive. I hope you have many, many more. And I selfishly hope that one day I'll be on the grid with you if I ever get any of my bikes finished and the nerve to get on the track :-)