Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 July, 2011 While I still haven't got the flywheel off the crankshaft even with an improved puller, I decided to pull the motor out of the frame and split the cases. I thought this would make it more portable and give me access to the crank to maybe try to cool it while I heated the flywheel. It appears that the gearbox is fine and I can't see anything wrong with the crankshaft other than it's welded to the flywheel. The crankcases don't look too bad and I think they're worth trying to weld and re-machine. In the photo of the drive side crankcase with the broken rod, you can see the big aluminum ring and the extended cyl. studs that thread into it. This was done sometime in the distant past to repair a crack in the case. In the photo of the timing side case, you can see the front, upper case bolt that took a direct hit from the broken rod. I've since cut, ground, and drilled this out of the case.

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