Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here is my final crash photo sequence, until another one comes along. This if from the Battle of the . This if from the Battle of the Twins race at Laguna Seca, 11 July, 1982. My memory is that I passed Jimmy Adamo (#1) on the first lap to lead overall. Finishing the 2nd lap, coming out of the old turn #9 (last turn), my hand slipped on the throttle and Jimmy came by. Chasing him up to the Corkscrew, we came upon the first lapee(#145). Jimmy went to the outside on the approach to be on the inside on the right down the hill. I went to the other side, silly me. The lapee freaked out when Jimmy went by and moved over into my path. I went down, he didn't. No serious harm done to me or the bike.
My memory is that these photos were taken by Madison Cox, of Knoxville, Tn. But, Madison was a frequent BoTT competitor on a 900 bevel drive Ducati, so why wouldn't he have been in the race? Maybe he just passed the photos on to me and someone else took them.

Update 11 July, 2012:  I got an email from Willie Cox, Madison's son.  He tells me Madison is dying of liver and kidney failure and he ran across this entry while doing some research on his dad's race history for an obituary.  Willie tells me the photos were taken by his mother, Kerela.  I have fond memories of Madison from BOTT days.

Update #2 November 3, 2012 Willie Cox just informed me that David Vendola identified #206 as Kevin Bracken; don't know who #145 is.

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