Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gary Roper just got back to me with the autopsy results on the Velo MAC that failed at PIR on Sat., 4 Aug.  It seems the valve seat fell out of the head, then the head of the valve broke off, making quite a mess of the combustion chamber, piston and cyl. bore.
Velocette Mac cylinder head and piston

Gary is looking for help getting the MAC back together.  If anyone wants to contribute financially, they can use the Paypal feature on the upper left of this blogs home page, and I'll pass it on to Gary

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  1. I sent the head back to RD Spring for assessment, Tom Ross has thankfully offered to send me another head. I am sourcing Triumph Daytona pistons and have a bit of bore left. All may be together in 3 weeks. Oh Oh...just found a bearing has gone out on the mag. Gary