Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Sat. the 28th of July, I did the first annual MotoGeezer Kickstart Classic. out of W. Warren, Ma.  It's pretty much a Moto Giro for any kickstart motorcycle.   We did about 90 miles in the morning, mostly in N.W. CT. and about 90 miles in the afternoon in Ma.  Route sheet & arrows, agility tests and secret checkpoints.  It was a light turnout, but the Springfield M/C Club and the Frazier family that put on the event, seemed undaunted and just chalked it up to the first time.
There was a 650 Triumph, a 650 BSA (from N.H.), and a 650 Yamaha, a 600 Yamaha SRX, a 360 Honda, a 305 Honda CB77 (from N.J.), and I (from N.Y.)rode my brother's 175 Bridgestone Hurricane Scrambler.
Bill Burke with his Yamaha SRX-6, my Moto Guzzi Zigolo, and my brother's Bridgestone 175 H.S.
Devon Frazier rode her dad's BMW with sidecar until that broke, then went and got his Chang Jiang with sidecar, which they affectionately call the Chinese Junk.

Bill Burke photo
The morning was especially good, with great roads and good weather.  After lunch, it started to spit, but didn't seem serious.  Then the heavens open and it varied between raining hard and intense.  Bill Burke, on the SRX 6, and I caught up to Marty on the TR6 Triumph.  Marty tagged along when we passed him.  We stopped at a store when I missed an arrow, and someone there told us that it was just a mile wide band that would soon pass.  Fat chance.  Riding some more, we got into a downhill, decreasing radius right turn and I ended up just about on the center line.  Bill end up over the center line, and Marty ended up way over the center line and decided to stand it up and try to ride it out on the grass.  He ended up augering in, but without any real damage to him or the bike.  It started first kick and he decided that maybe he'd head straight home.
Bill Burke photo
The BS ran great and I certainly had no trouble keeping up with anyone.  The suspension is pretty crude and I don't think it handles as well as his CZ 175 or my Airone, but I still made everyone work to keep up in the twisty bits.  Ergonomics are good and I was quite comfortable doing the 180 miles, other than being totally soaked.
optional tach, route sheet holder, bicycle speedo, camera mount and pen
optional pannier mounts; this bike has it all.
I highly recommend next year's Kickstart Classic.

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  1. Hi. Im looking to get in touch with mitch frazier. I just purchased a 60 zigolo and was instructed to find he has links to parts vendors. Thanks...please email me at if you can. Thanks