Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here are some photos that were recently sent to me.
Fred Sahms ( sent me three from NOLA 23-24 March, 2013
Here Andrew Cowell welds a broken engine plate that I discovered Sat. morn.

Here I am racing the ERTT Sun., after crashing it Sat.

Racing the '46 Moto Guzzi Dondolino @ NOLA.  The silencer is beginning to fail

Brian Smith ( sent me this photo from Willow Springs Sun., 28 April, '13

This is from Sunday's 250GP race.  It looks like it's the exit to the Omega, turn #4, though possibly turn #6.  I'm on #7, Sam Yamazaki's DT-1 Yamaha.  I'm followed by Jason Lindquist #13 on his DT-1 Yamaha,  #184 Steve Gillen ( on his 200 Honda and #120 Raymond Demarest on his Honda.  Jason, Steve and I had a good scrap, with both of them getting by me at some point.  This must be the 7th of 8 laps and we've lapped Demarest.  I'm a little confused as I thought Jason, Steve and I finished in the order in the photo but, checking the results, Jeff Elings on his Aermacchi is listed as 2nd with Steve third and Jason 13th and last.  The lap chart show Elings passing Steve on the last lap, but I'm quite sure Jason finished behind me.

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