Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sat., after racing at Sears Point, Kenny Cummings and I drove down to Carmel for The Quail Motorcycle Gathering.  This is a bike show/concours on the golf course of an upscale resort.  Gary Roper brought the '51 Velocette Mac that I had raced at Sears, and Ron Halem brought the BSA Goldstar that Kenny had raced.

with Gary Roper and his '51 Velo MAC that I had race the previous two days.
 There were many other competition bikes there including Fred Mork Lowboy KRTT and ERTT that Jim Neurenberg had raced, and the KRTT won a prize.

John Ray had his Mk VII KTT Velocette and there was a very nice Yamaha TD-2B, RG 500 Suzuki and a Greeves Silverstone.
John Ray's MKVII KTT Velocette
the Greeves Silverstone has a great tech sticker

   There were plenty of MX bikes including an Islo.  But, perhaps the most special competition bike was Wayne Rainey's 1991World Championship winning YZR 500 Yamaha.  Wayne was there along with Kenny Roberts, Mert Lawill, and Jim Rice.  Paul d'Orleans, the Vintagent, was the M.C. and conducted interviews.
There was a very odd street bike which I had never heard of : a '47 Jordan, a twin crank square four of 1000cc with full body work.
1947 Jordan
the motor is 1000cc, twin crank, square four

 I have a soft spot for the Danish Nibus 750.
750 Nimbus
The frame is flat stock riveted together

There were several Cannonball bikes there including an Excelsior Henderson with a very neat and unobtrusive mechanical rim disc brake, a modern safety upgrade they're allowed to make.
With an excellent buffet lunch, it was a fine way to spend the day.
Randy Grubb had a number of his Deco creations there.  Note the helmet on the left
a twin pipe CZ motocrosser

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