Saturday, February 1, 2014


Here are some more photos from our recent trip to Australia:
Parked outside Deus ex Machina, a Honda VTR 250, a baby Monster, perhaps my ideal of a daily driver.

Also parked outside Deus ex Machina, a belt drive Peerless, someone else' idea of the ideal daily driver

Kenny Cummings at Sydney Harbour with the Opera House in the backround.

Geoff Clatworthy's shop
Geoff's killer ES-2 Norton

With a Fiat 500 at Sydney Motorsports Park, Eastern Creek, during a Fiat track day.

The control tower and front straight.  That's Don Lange on the right.

How could I resist a 'Roper Rd' sign?  That's Maurice Candy riding shotgun.
This is the abandoned Catalina Park circuit we visited in Katoomba

Kenny checking out the run off

Maurice contemplates the possibilities

The circuit is 2.1km./ 1.3mi. long
note the armco behind Don
The front straight finishing the lap
A BP sign in the old pits
A map of the Catalina Park.

A memorial to the fallen soldiers from Bathurst in the Boer War.  It boggles my mind that  colonials  in Australia would go to South Africa to fight for the Empire.  But, I guess no harder to understand than the Great War, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Malaysian War(?) that were added to this memorial.

From the Mt. Panorama Motor Museum:
a somewhat modified AJS 7R
A home made, 2 liter, 90 degree motor in a drag bike

A very original Kawasaki A1R

Maurice looks over the earlier, two valve Henderson Railway Special with a dustbin fairing

The four valve G-50 Railway Spl.

from the other side

from the back
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from the front

front brake

Metal sculpture at Thredbo

A close up.

The view from the top of the chairlift

My H-D ERTT Sprint in the garage at Phillip Island

Racing the ERTT sans windscreen after my get-off.  That's my arch nemesis, Phil Paton on a 270 Bultaco #91.  He beat me by 0.005 sec. in race 2 and I beat him by 0.003 sec in race 3.  #79 is a MT 125 Honda.  Photo by Jake Skate,

Here I'm on Tom Marquardt's 492cc Honda CB400F.  This must be practice or qualifying as #800 (TT 500 Yamaha) and #34 (SR 500 Yamaha) finished well behind me, or didn't finish, in all the races.  Jake Skate photo,


  1. It looks like you guys had a Fun time, thanks for posting all the photos.....All that and Roper Road too......who would of guessed????!!

  2. "My H-D ERTT Sprint in the garage at Phillip Island" WOW!!!!
    GOOD ON YA DAVE! You sure know how to keep the groove going.
    From the Dave Roper Fan Club of North America

  3. At 30% down on, the mystery man is me! I was helping Phil Mahood with the Triumph 500 he was riding and during a lull in the action, was supervising ;^)) Dick Mann.