Monday, February 24, 2014


Here's a link to a podcast of a number of interviews conducted at The Island Classic:

Christina Divigard 00:01:35, a sidecar passenger and logistician for the 'East Coast' Americans (THANKS, Christina)
Dave Johnson 00:20:30, An Aussie who raced the Paton at P.I. and has raced many times at the IOM TT
Dave Roper 00:39:50, some old guy who won't go away
John McGuinness 00:57:33, winner of 20 IOM TTs, second only to Joey Dunlop
Kerry Smith 01:29:27, Jersey Girl, who raced a Team Giannini CB350 Honda at the Island Classic
Kurt Lentz 01:45:34, AMA expert roadracer in the '70s & '80s; owner and tuner of a TZ750 raced at P.I.
Levi Day 02:03:59, a 20 year old Aussie up and comer who flies on Jerry Kooistra's incredibly fast CB77 Honda
Mike Edwards 02:20:19, a British veteran who's road raced just about every type of bike available
Ottis Lance and Deano Swims 02:37:12, Co-captains of the U.S. International Challenge team at P.I.
Rex Wolfenden 03:13:55, an Aussie builder and tuner responsible for the T-Rex Hondas
Scott Clough 03:31:41, an American engine builder responsible for Dave Crussell's very fast bikes
Trevor Birrell 03:46:44, Aussie owner and sponsor of some of the bike in the International Challenge at P.I.
Simon Crafar 04:09:25, a Kiwi former World Superbike and 500 GP rider and winner of '98 British GP at Donnington park

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