Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/21/11 The Summer Solstice
One more picture of the infamous seagull theft of the chips on Glencrutchery Rd. Photo by Bill Burke, Binh foto


  1. Hi Dave,

    So even after you and I met during TT week in Peel, where you, Ken, and Bill came upon me in the post-traumatic shock of a seagull snack snatching...after all that, you fell victim to "the birds" too?! Ah-HAH, I feel much better being in good company!

    It's wonderful to finally read your blog. I'll send more correspondence soon.

    Courtney Olive
    Portland, OR

  2. Courtney, I certainly thought of you when this happened. I tried searching for you TT report when I got back, but was able to find anything. Did you write something for Citybike?

  3. This may be the greatest photo ever. Tippi Hedren has NOTHING on you.


  4. Eli, you got me Googling Tippi Hedren and now I see the appropriateness of you comment.