Sunday, June 26, 2011

6/26/2011 I finally started taking the Dondolino apart after blowing it up at Grattan last Sunday. I firmly adhere to the school that believes things alway could be worse and this blowup confirms this. The cyl. head looks fine. The crankshaft maybe OK. I couldn't get the flywheel off using the same technique I've used several times before, both on this motor and my Airone. That make me think the flywheel spun on the crank and sheared the key when the motor stopped spinning suddenly. I suspect the gearbox is OK, but I won't know for sure until I get the flywheel off. At minimum, I need a piston, rod, cyl. liner, a new magneto armature, and lots of welding on the crankcases. This is the risk we take when we put them on the race track.

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  1. just seeing this- damn damn... sorry for the new vent in the cases. I did this on my 450 at Barber in 06 and I still marvel at the broken bits to this day. The top of the rod and gudgeon pin were throw down the track and handed to me later by a cornerworker. How long do you suppose until the Guzzi is repaired?