Monday, June 6, 2011

Mon. 6 June, 2011. Team Indian made good progress today. Richard made a bunch of new carb needles and soldered up the oil tank. John took the gears and sliding dogs to a machinist to get them undercut and we hope to have them tomorrow. But we were able to start the bike without the gearbox and, after trying a couple of needles got it to run reliably. There's a bit of oil and smoke about, but that adds to the ambiance. We're hoping we can get it moving tomorrow and I can start to learn how to ride it.
We didn't watch today's Supersport race and we we in the middle of the thrash, but were able to just see the bikes going through Guthrie's on their way up the Mountain from David Plant's house in Bride. But, we did go watch the Superstock race at Stella Maris leaving Ramsey. We'd see them climbing from May Hill just about topping out in 3rd gear, rolling it off a bit for the right bend, then back on it hard driving up to Ramsey Hairpin, when they'd brake hard impossibly late and down two gears and out of sight. This spot was relatively far away from the bikes, maybe 20' rather than the 10' or 12'. Great stuff. Tomorrow we plan to take in some of the Ramsey Sprints. Peter Astell-Burt, who's been a huge help to Team Indian, is running a blown Triumph there.


  1. What an adventure- !

  2. Dave, Maybe a trip to Fairy Bridge with the appropriate greeting...? Best of luck!

  3. Here's to hoping that it's "Ambiance" doesn't become a Debris Flag. And bring the gears to the fairy bridge and say "Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog, Keep my Gearing on the Cog". (that works better than heat-treating). Keep the Pressure on - Leif