Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018 Rossi Tiddler tour

This year's tour had a somewhat light turnout as the USCRA was holding their Spring Giro in Vt. the same weekend.  And, the weather wasn't brilliant with some light drizzle after lunch.  But, it was a great route on the theme of Nathan Hale.  Hale taught school in East Haddam, the town where we started from Steve Rossi's house.  The ride took us by Hale's homestead and into Coventry, where he grew up.  There were 10-12 of us on the ride.  I was still recovering from a serious knee injury 4 weeks before and I couldn't bend my right knee much.  So, I rigged up a 'Highway Peg' on my '68 TC200 Suzuki.
This meant that I couldn't really use the rear brake and, as there's no brake light switch on the front brake, Bob Bendix had no warning when I suddenly pulled over and stopped thinking that I had missed a turn.  He lightly contacted me, but neither of us went down.  Sorry Bob.
Mike Peavey starting his Airone Sport

Craig Pedimonte's YM-1 Yamaha, brought back from the dead

Bill Burke's badass 300cc, 5 spd. 'Squint'
John Harris' V-65 outfit